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Helena  Reynolds



• Aloft Circus Arts, Chicago. Company Member


San Francisco Circus Centre 


Contortion- Oyunchimeg Yadmjav, Master Xia


Doubles Lyra- Elsie Smith


• Aerial Hoop & Static Trapeze- Helene Turcotte


• New England School for Circus Arts - Teacher Training.


• North Carolina School of the Arts - Bachelor of Fine Arts in Modern Dance and Ballet


• Stott Pilates - Certified Instructor


Circus Experience

• CircEsteem- 2015 Technical Director

• El Circo Cheapo- US Tour 2010 & Cabaret 2009 - 2014 Solo and Duo Aerial Hoop, Silks, Spanish Web,

Group Acro, Dance

• Circumference Shelter Me- 2015 Chinese Pole, Group Acrobatics, Hula Hoops, Aerial Hoop, Trio Strap

• Celebrity Cruises Solstice- 2015 Hula Hoops, Aerial Hoop

• Jacksons Lane Transmit- 2014 Hula Hoops, Duo Straps, Dance


• Theatre Delicatessen Spaced- 2014 Hula Hoops, Chinese Pole, Dance


• Cirque Mechanics- 2014 Hula Hoops


• Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival- 2014 Aerial Hoop


• Redmoon Theater Winter Pageant- 2013 Aerial Hoop


• Circus Flora-­ 2013 Duo Straps, Aerial Hoop, Hula Hoops


• The Generating Company-­ 2013 Aerial Hoop, Silks, Dance, Duo Aerial


• Redmoon Theater Lunatique ­ 2013 Aerial Hoop


• The Box NYC- 2012 Aerial Hoop


• The Bindlestiffs- 2012 Aerial Hoop, Hula Hoops


• The Cabiri- 2012 Aerial Hoop, Silks, Hula Hoops, Fire, Dance


• The Big Aerial Show- 2012 Aerial Hoop, Silks, Hula Hoops, Dance


• Versatile Arts- 2012 Aerial Hoop, Hula Hoops


• Moisture Festival- 2011, 2012 Aerial Hoop


• Midnight Circus- Taste of Chicago 2011 Aerial Hoop, Silks, Group Acro


• Aloft Circus Arts Dinner of Discontent - 2010 Duo Acro, Clowning, Cloud Swing, Dance


• Phyzgig-Festival of Physical Comedy 2009, 2010 Duo Aerial Hopp


• Mori Sake- Commissioned Event 2010 Duo Aerial Hoop, Silks, Dance


• Various Corporate Events Solo and Duo Aerial Hoop, Silks, Spanish Web, Group Acro, Hula Hoops, Dance




Dance Experience

•North Carolina School of the Arts

Increasing in Brightness Decreasing in Temperature, Fall 2006, (Niki Juralewicz)

St. John’s Wort, Winter 2006, (Via Dance Collaborative)

L’ecoulnant, Spring 2005 and 2006, (Alayna Stroud)

Façade & Ropes, Spring 2005 (Brenda Daniels)


• Alban Elved, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Hydra, Summer 2006, (Karola Luttringhaus)



Aerial Hoop


Hula Hoops


Aerial Silks


Duo Aerial Hoop


Duo Straps






Dance Pole


2010 - present

2010 - present

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